About Us

Webexsms is a leading mobile messaging company

Our aim is to narrow the gap between the great public and the complexity of mobile operators, our infrastructure and carrier connection provide a unique and very reliable solution either you send just a few SMS per month or thousands, we cater for the small business all the way to the multinational ones.

We believe that the sending of SMS is nowadays the most efficient way of reaching your customers.
Studies have proven that through the sending of sms your audience target is reached at a rate, far superior to e-mail campaigns, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etc. at a much lower cost.  With the current economic landscape, SMS will help to maintain the loyalty of your customers and open new ways of reaching new audiences.

We have developed a state of the art platform for sending, receive and management sms.

We believe in single-tier-SMSC connection setup which enables us to give you better and faster service.
Quality is the fundamental core of our values WebexSMS now covers more than 500 networks, in over 180 countries across the globe.
Unlike others, security is also a core component of the WebexSMS platform, with multiple secure connections to protect the confidentiality of ours and your customers.

With WebexSMS we promise you 99.8% up time, enabling you to confidently send SMS around the clock.

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