Do I need any technical knowledge to use your system?

No you don’t, our interface is very easy and intutive to use.

Do I need to download or install any software to send SMS’s?

No you don’t, our system is Web based, all you need is a Internet connection.

Are there any fixed term contracts with WebexSMS?

No there are not, we work on a pay as you go basis (pre-paid system).

Are there any other charges apart from the purchase of SMS?

No, there are no setup, monthly or any other additional fees.

Can I send SMS’s from abroad?

Yes you can, as long as you have a internet connection, you will be able to use our system, regardless wherever you are.

After purchased my SMS’s is there a time lmit to send them before they expire?

No, at WebexSMS we believe once you purchased your SMS’s you are entitled to send them at your own pace.

Is it possible to have my interface in another language apart from English?

Yes you can, our interface is build on a Multi-language platform. Default languages are: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French (If you require another language we will be happy to provide you with an automated translator engine one)

How many SMS’s can I send at one time?

As many or as few as you need to.

Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later date?

Yes you can, after you have created your message you can select a time and date for the message to be sent.

Can I upload all my contacts?

Yes you can, you can import all your contacts in excel spread sheet (CSV)

Can I receive replies from my contacts?

Yes you can. To receive replies, set your sender name to a valid mobile number, either your own mobile number or on a Long Number which we can supply you with.

Can I change the caller ID for sending SMS messages (i.e. my company name instead of my number)?

Yes you can, you can use up to 11 characters on the caller ID. Using your company’s name is a great way to enhance awarenes of your business.

Why can’t I receive replies when using a sender name?

By using a sender name you are overriding the number from where the message comes from.

Does WebexSMS provides me with reports on sent SMS?

Yes we do, after sending your SMS you will have access to a full report on your admin panel.

On average how long does it take to deliver my SMS?

On average your messages are delivered within 10 seconds.

Some of my customers did not get my SMS, why?

There are several possibilities for this failure, the most comun are:
Incorrect number format, missing international codes, mistyped numbers, expired or non existing numbers , receiving phone is switched off, phone’s inbox full, receiving network failure, receiving network is overloaded.

I’m not sure if my customer’s phone database is up to date, can you Help?

Yes we can, we can run a HLR Lookup on your database.

What is a HLR Lookup?

HLR LOOKUP is a accurate service to clean your database of Incorrect numbers, missing international codes, numbers that don’t not exist or have expired.

Do you charge for the HLR service?

Yes we do, because the service includes the sending of a text to these numbers in order to retrieve their status, but the cost is a fraction of the price of a normal SMS.
If you would like to take advantage of this service, please send us an e-mail.

Why does the price of sending sms to other countries varies?

The price of an SMS message varies depending on which carrier it is being sent to.
The price is established by the country operator. Our promise is to find you always the cheapest route for delivering your messages.