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If your business revolves around retail, communication, or appointments, SMS text marketing will be the perfect addition to your business.

It’s easy to track results of a SMS text marketing campaign as recipients of your text offers have to come into your establishment in order to redeem it.

With SMS text marketing, you can reach a group of people who are interested in knowing about your products and services within seconds.

SMS text marketing allows you to reduce your advertising costs while increasing sales and customer loyalty at the same time.

SMS sending is inexpensive compared to other marketing methods and is proven to get a much higher response rate.

SMS can go viral, which means they can spread like wildfire. This is because your subscribers will often forward your offers to friends and family, which will give you more exposure and more sales.

According to researchers, 73% of consumers would like to receive special offers on their mobile devices.

Analysts are predicting that SMS will eventually be the preferred method of servicing customers and clients with things such as appointment reminders, surveys, services, and more.

SMS has shown to be successful in most businesses due to its versatility in promoting products and services such as Hairdressing, Catering, retail, promotions, communication and appointment reminders etc.and increases customer loyalty and retention

SMS Vs E-mail

If you compare SMS vs e-mail marketing, then you will find that the open rate of SMS is higher than e-mail.
95% or more of SMS text messages are opened and read compared with only 22% of e-mails.

Unlike e-mail, SMS doesn’t have to battle against spam or other e-mail filters. If anything, SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other marketing strategy.

Although you can create a much nicer looking message with e-mail, it can also be time consuming for the sender to create and for the receiver to absorb. SMS however can be thought up and sent out within minutes (only 160 characters).

Although it may not have the design of an e-mail, it gets the message across succinctly and effectively.

The average response time to an e-mail is 90 minutes, for an SMS, it’s 90 seconds.


78% of the world own a mobile phone this amounts to 5.1 Billion mobile phones worldwide.

Of the world’s 5 Billion mobile phones in use, 1 Billion are Smartphones and 4 Billion are SMS enabled

90% of the world’s population live in a place with mobile network access.

90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

Mobile phone owners have their phone always within reach for 14 hours of the day.

5.9 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2011.

SMS traffic is expected to reach 9.6 trillion messages by 2013.

There are expected to be sent 10 trillion SMS in 2014, an average of 200,000 SMS sent every second. 

Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than e-mail or newspaper distributed coupons.

50% more people redeemed a store coupon received by SMS.

SMS coupon opt-outs are less than 5%.

Predictions of global mobile coupon growth in 2014: 400 million mobile coupon users; global redemption value (GRV) $6 Billion.

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